About Me

I do reviews, unboxings and most things that are requested.

I never have been and never will be that person who leaves comments on other peoples videos saying "Come look at my stuff" "I do stuff SUB NOW!!" "too much XXXSWAGXXX420 Bananas Blazes",


I see it completely rude to who ever made that video and shows complete disrespect to that person. I always think to myself that "that person will never get big, no one will support someone who just spams there channel everywhere" but yet its always those people that have 100 or 600 thousand subs.


I will always stand by if I put my hardest work into something I will succeed to my fullest plans and my plans for youtube is to grow,- and grow big. I know it will take time as I have a very limited outreach without advertising my self, but I will wait as every video I make, every new sub I see puts a smile on my face and pushs me forward harder then you have ever seen before.